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New! Bruce Bendinger's CMYK PowerPoint presentation
This is a BIG file (23 MB).

Samples from the Brand New 3rd Edition of
The Copy Workshop Workbook

The MarCom Matrix MTRX1.pdf

MarCom Matrix exercise MTRX1X.pdf

Sales Promotion MTRX2SP.pdf

Marketing PR MTRX3MPR.pdf

Direct MTRX4DM.pdf

Yo! It's Po-Mo! Po-Mo.pdf

Instructor's Materials for The Copy Workshop Workbook

Advertising's Ages Part 1 PowerPoint Presentation (8.6 MB)

Advertising's Ages Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation (13.0 MB)

Conceptual Models: For Solving Marketing Problems
& Creating Advertising Solutions PowerPoint Presentation (172 K)

The Copy Workshop Strategy Seminar PDF file (84 K)

PowerPoint presentations for Advertising & the Business of Brands

Many of these PowerPoints contain links to video clips,
which are available to download in the
AdBuzz Theater.

Introduction: 0Intro.ppt (9.1 MB)

Chapter 1: 1Abrands.ppt (8.4 MB) / 1Bbrands.ppt (13 MB)

Chapter 2: 2brands.ppt (9.2 MB)

Chapter 3: 3Abrands.ppt (3.6 MB) / 3brands.ppt (4.0 MB)

Chapter 4: 04brands.ppt (6.5 MB)

Chapter 5: 05brands.ppt (4.9 MB)

Chapter 6: 6Abrands.ppt (4.5 MB) / 6Bbrands.ppt (4.5 MB)

Chapter 7: 07brands.ppt (5.9 MB)

Chapter 8: 08brands.ppt (1.3 MB)

Chapter 9: 09brands.ppt (7.6 MB)

Chapter 10: brands10.ppt (180 K)

Chapter 11: brands11.ppt (1.6 MB)

Chapter 12: brands12.ppt (5.7 MB)

You and Your Career: careers.ppt (1.4 MB)

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