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The Gossage Gallery – Eagle Shirts Campaign

An amazing campaign for a client that barely existed – Eagle made shirts for department stores – when the campaign began, you'd be hard-pressed to find their label anywhere. But Gossage's campaign in the New Yorker established them as a quality shirt brand. They even published a book full of the clever responses to Gossage's clever ads.

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Here, Gossage invited
people to send in for an
Eagle Shirt label –
many did.
  This was one side of a two-sided page that set response records for the New Yorker. What is it? Gossage didn't know either, but it sure showed off Eagle's workmanship.
  Dear Miss Appflerbach
was the book. Here's one of
many great-looking ads that happens to salute her in the headline.
And here's the book –
Dear Miss Appflerbach, or The Postman Hardly Ever Rings 11,342 Times. Gossage even made the responses to the ads a media event.
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