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The Gossage Gallery – Rainier Ale Campaign

Gossage even created fads. Here, to help out a local classical radio station, he gave them some advertising from client Rainier Ale. How to connect Ale with a classical radio station?
Gossage Logic equals sweatshirts with the faces of famous classical composers. And thus is born the Beethoven Sweatshirt fad.


  But Gossage doesn't stop there.
When "Coach Stahl," a genuine character, shows up looking for
a sponsor to walk to Seattle,
Howard goes for it.
The Seattle World's Fair was going up and the Coach wanted to walk there. His first ad is to recruit a hiking team to go to Seattle for Rainier Ale – wearing their Beethoven sweatshirts, of course.
  And his second ad is the team – they've got a "soldier of fortune" and some guy with bag pipes. This ad is a spread, and the other page is the route they're going to take – all the way up the coast of California, through to Seattle. Right through Rainier Ale's marketing area – cool huh? And there really wasn't a third ad – there didn't have to be with the publicity they generated. The appearances and everything generated huge PR all the way up the coast to Seattle. Some agencies would have looked at this as an opportunity for huge billings increases – Howard figured, "Why pay for it when you can get it for free?" And guess what? Clients loved him for it.
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